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Sunday, September 22, 2019  
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Author:Sondra HarryCreated:7/23/2009 12:43 PM
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This letter came out from our Imago website. It is such a wonderful view and with a talented writer I thought it useful to share it with my audiance. Please enjoy!   

Dr. Sondra Harry


Exits: No Way to Go  

by David Roche

 We all have our exits. We exit the front door in the morning and we exit the office door at night. We exit the supermarket door constantly. We exit the gym door six days a week (I wish). We exit the movie theater on Saturday night and we exit the church door on Sunday. It’s all part of our normal routine. We also have other exits,relationship exits......


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 If I’m not asked a hundred times a week “What is Imago?!”   ” What really is being “in love”?

“Love, in Imago, is a verb, not a noun. It is created or destroyed minute by minute by our actions. Love is an act that is accompanied by a feeling, but it is not a feeling itself. Love is the behavioral commitment to another's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential and welfare that is equal to if not greater than the same commitment to oneself......

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We frequently hear the question; Will my chronic stress cause a mood disorder? Well not everyone who experiences a stressful event will develop incapacitating depression or anxiety. In turn, not everyone who has a mood disorder has experienced overwhelming stress.

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